Slavery in Australia

Thanks for visiting the NSA website

you have helped stop slavery in Australia

  • No Slavery Australia provides tools so that any one can join the fight against slavery, it just takes 5 minutes to Sign the Petition by Walkfree and The Uniting Church and Write to a Company.
  • There are many other ways you can help on this website.
  • NSA creates awareness and also develops and  supports anti-slavery initiatives
  • We all contribute to slavery in our everyday lives. Find out how to identify and reduce this.
  • Visiting the NSA website increases our statistics, this gives us more voting power to negotiate with policy makers and more consumer voice to demand slavery free supply chains from companies.
  • Share this site with your contacts as awareness is the key to stopping slavery
  • NSA needs supporters to help us fight to end slavery.

With just a few minutes of your time you can make a huge impact on slavery in Australia and the world.

Please share this site as awareness is the key to stopping slavery


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Take the Salvation Army Pledge. The Salvo's support victims of human trafficking Across Australia please consider making a donation.